Here’s why this is happening…


Once upon a time…just kidding. I can see you rolling your eyes as you read that. But really, it all started after resigning from a terrible job. My anxiety had me miserable, I dreaded getting out of bed every day and I knew I needed to do something. So I said fuck it. — Oh, I didn’t mention, these will not be G rated. Fuck happens to be one of my favorite words. And one of the most versatile in the dictionary. Bet you’ll share that little tidbit later! —  I talked to my parents and close friends and decided a change had to happen. I’d deal with the money situation later if it became a problem. I couldn’t keep doing this to myself. (Stay tuned for more ridiculously hilarious details on said job. I still can’t get over some of it. )

After my resignation, and last day, which thankfully were one in the same, I could finally relax. THANK GOD. I knew I made the right decision when the minute the words “I’m resigning” came out of my mouth, and I felt the world come off my shoulders. You better believe the wine was flowing that night! Bottom line here: if your gut says do it, DO IT. It’s never wrong. Neither is the big man upstairs. Trust him. He know’s what he’s doing.

In the meantime, I’ve been at home, hanging out with my cats, trying to find ways to entertain myself. There’s only so many trips a person can take to Home Depot in a week, trust me.

I thought about writing a blog in the past. But never really had the time. Or any solid ideas on what I’d write about. But you know what? I’ll write about anything and everything. My love of Michigan State and its athletics. Food. And how I want to open a restaurant one day. Home-owning. Adulting and the shit that goes along with it. Travel. Anxiety struggles. Entrepreneurship. Promoting my friends’ businesses. The list is endless. So if you came here for something very specific, you’re not going to find it. Sorry about it.

Today, after helping a friend set up an event for her business, All Grand Events (look them up, they’re amazing!), we were talking about how to pass some time while not working. The first idea: start a blog! I thought, “WHY THE HELL NOT!”

So, here we are. I hope that sharing some of my stories, life experiences, advice, recipes and favorite things will not only put a smile on your face, and hopefully make you laugh, but impact you in a positive way. I hope to have some of my friend’s guest write a post for me as some have mentioned how they’ve always wanted to do this. I’m here to make dreams come true, baby!

Seriously, though. I’m here for your entertainment. And currently my own as well. So if there’s something I should write about, holla at your girl.



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