My obsession with the word nugget.

It all started with Chelsea Handler and one of my favorite people and closest friends, Rachel Martin. We loved watching Chelsea and she threw the word nugget around like confetti at a surprise party. So naturally, I started to do the same. Everything small and adorable was a nugget. And still is.

Fast forward to present day. I live alone with my two cats, my nuggets. (Yes, I know, the crazy cat lady starter kit) Their names are Fat Nugget, FahNugg for short, and Moe. FahNugg may make some guest appearances on here. He’s pretty lazy so don’t get your hopes up. Moe, on the other hand, is a total asshole and isn’t allowed near the computer.

FahNugg is a green eyed, beefcake who loves any human who is willing to pet him.  He may look large, but he has been working on his body. It’s a clearly a slow process.


Moe, oh my fluffy little baby bear. He follows me everywhere, comes when he’s called and knows how to play fetch. He’s also taken a hair tie out of my messy bun while I was sleeping and peed on my favorite couch forcing me to kick it to the curb only because I moved his chair. Yeah, he’s a dick.


Man, do I love these two fluffy fuckers though. Prepare for lots more pictures and videos. Here’s to nuggets of the feline kind!

2 Replies to “My obsession with the word nugget.”

  1. OMG I’M FAMOUS!!! I’d like to thank the Academy, and Chelsea Handler, and most especially, my dear sweet friend and soul sister, Erika. Love you and so excited to read all your life nuggs! This is so perfect 👌🏻 xoxo


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