Job Searching is a B*tch

It’s been about 3 weeks since I resigned. I have been job searching for about two and a half months now. And good Lord am I impatient. I mean I knew that before, but my current situation is bringing out a whole new monster.

Anyone who has ever job searched knows it can be a long, drawn-out process. Nowadays, it seems to be even worse. As someone who was a recruiter for 6 years, I don’t get it. I mean, it takes 30 seconds to type up an email, right?!? If you’re not interested in me, just tell me sooner rather than later so I can move on. When I was recruiting, I tried to ensure I did that for job seekers, as I knew how it felt. Now that I’m back on the job market, this girl is all sorts of frustrated.

HOWEVER, I recently joined in on a webinar by one of my favorite sites, Career Contessa, on landing your dream job at your ideal company. The site’s founder, Lauren McGoodwin, who is a former recruiter, had some great insight on narrowing down your job search to target companies. Basically, researching what companies would be the perfect fit for what you’re looking for, and making contacts there by asking for informational interviews. Now, when I was a recruiter, I never had anyone ask for an informational interview. So I’m thinking, what the hell is that? Well, it is basically, making contact with someone at that company who is in a job you’d like, and asking them all about the job and company. DUH-what a great idea! I’m hitting myself for never doing that before! (Contact me through the “Holla at Your Girl tab to get a copy of the webinar- it is a gamechanger!)

So today’s mission for me, after I finish this post, is to go to the coffee shop, get myself a donut (obviously) and hardcore dig into this research. I have a good idea of what my target companies will be, (looking at you, MSU!) and who I can reach out to for information interviews, but a little more research never hurt anybody, right?!

Stay tuned on how this goes and whether or not the donut I get completely distracts me from this project and gets me thinking about opening my own restaurant. (Yeah, that’s in the works too.)

Here’s to finding the perfect job at your dream company!

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