Nuggs of Audio Goodness

Podcasts. God bless ’em. I wish I would have started listening to these a long time ago. I also want to start one. I have some spectacular ideas. I’m laughing just thinking about it. So if anyone knows how to start one-get at me. (Yes, I know, there’s Google for that, but I require additional assistance.)

Thanks to the one & only Marissa Nelson, I was introduced to a podcast that has made my work days even funnier than they already are. The name…Wine & Crime. Holy. Shit. Is it hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times my coworkers have come over to my desk asking what my random outbursts in laughter are for…

Basically, three friends, Amanda, Kenyon & Lucy, drink wine & talk about different kinds of crime. Now I’m not a huge crime fan, but I can absolutely get down with it if wine is involved. The girls also have Minnesotan accents that make my Michigan accent seem non-existent. (And yes, we do have an accent.)

So as I listen along, I realize, holy shit, I’m Amanda. Now, Marissa first made the connection, but she’s rarely ever wrong so I had to find out for myself. Amanda is a hysterical. She butts in with the most comical responses, always has to fart, makes great sound effects & kicks off each podcast with wine “NICE PAHP!” Can you say SOUL. SISTA?! Or as she likes to say “YAAASSSSS QWEEN!!”

Now this is educational as well. I’ve learned about all these different types of wine grapes. Fascinating! Oh, and some crazy ass crime stories as well. After episode 7, you’ll never want to go in a cruise ship. Sorry bout it.

They also have a blog that goes along with it. With pictures from their crime research and some really disturbing shit. But I’m hooked! I can’t look away. The stories are so interesting and sometimes just insane, that I cannot turn it off. Also, because I’m laughing so hard I legit spit out my water

So do yourself a favor and download it on iTunes. Or listen to it on Spotify. I’ll even give you the link. You just have to click it. So easy. You’re welcome. You’ll be hooked. Thank me later. And the first episode is on necrophilia. Enjoy. (Warning, this podcast is not G rated. Or PG. or PG-13. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Now I do have a few others that I love, some business related, some pure ridiculousness and some others that will make you laugh so hard you won’t even make any sounds, but, in an effort to keep you intrigued, I’ll save them for another post 😘

Happy Listening! #FuckingPatriarchy #DoctorNandi #ProposeDan

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