The Mental Health Stigma

So this morning, Facebook nicely reminded me that this day last year was the day that I had a near anxiety-induced mental breakdown. I was in a job I absolutely hated, was miserable going to work every day, was bogged down my anxiety and just wanted to stay home.

THANK THE GOOD LORD THINGS HAVE TURNED AROUND! I think back to how much I hated everything at that time and could not be more thankful that I took things into my own hands and made a change. And for everything I have learned in this past year. And for my job and the people at it. And for tacos. And donuts.

With that being said, 30 is fucking great so far. My celebrations (sorry not sorry for it lasting nearly 2 weeks) were crazy awesome. So THANK YOU to everyone who sent a message text, card, celebrated with me in California or East Lansing and for just being in my life! I appreciate you!

Now onto the real reason, I started this post about anxiety. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So below are some of the articles I’ve come across that I really enjoyed about the stigma of mental health, what kinds of conditions there are and how to treat your brain!


  1. TheSkimm skimmed mental health for you. Here’s the 411. It is in your best interest to be in the know about mental health, so do me a favor and just read it.
  2. Apparently, young women are a “high-risk group” for mental illness. Read why. 
  3. is an adorable lifestyle brand based out of California. And their CEO Jen Gotch has dealt with mental health problems. Her new mission is incredibly inspiring and Jen wants you to Feel Better! 
  4. You all know about my insane love for royals. So I had to include Heads Together.  The organization based out of the UK is a mental health initiative spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, which combines a campaign to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services.
heads together(Photo below from the Heads Together website.)

Bottom line, educate yourself on mental health. People around you may be suffering and you may not even know it. Learn how to help them fight it and how to support organizations who are slashing the stigma!

Here’s to a healthy brain & a healthy life! #breakthestigma


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