The Royal Wedding!

Okay, you all knew this was coming…here is my pre-wedding post! The big day is tomorrow for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle and I could NOT be more excited! Like, I think I’m scaring some of my co-workers…it’s probably fine.

If you haven’t viewed their engagement pictures yet, do yourself a favor and take a look at the genetic perfection that these two will create when they have babies. I mean, COME ON. Her dress…AMAZING. #flawless

Official Engagement Photos!


Here are ways to watch the wedding…prepare to get up bright & early unless you plan to record it! Watch it!

Here are a couple recipes that I plan on whipping up. Harry & Meghan’s wedding cake is a lemon elderflower (YUM) cake. You better believe I’m making a morning cocktail for that!


To Eat:


To Drink:

Now if you really want to get onto my level of craziness, you can order some goodies from the ‘Zon to use at your Royal Wedding Watch Party! (if you stop reading now, I get it. I’m obsessed. You can laugh at me. It’s fine.)

Basically, get yourself everything you can because tomorrow will be absolutely iconic! Stay tuned for a post-wedding debrief. What designer was her dress? Did she wear the Spencer family tiara? What celebrities showed up!? Did The Spice Girls make an appearance?! All cleary very important things…

SO MUCH GOODNESS. Happy Royal Wedding viewing! #SparkleLikeMarkle


One Reply to “The Royal Wedding!”

  1. Mr. T even knows about the markle sparkle. Having girls involved in dance. He is aware of wow moves and jazz hands. 😘


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