Girl, Where You Been?

(I started writing this on Sunday…it’s now Tuesday. I’m a slacker.)

Damn, it’s been a while. I didn’t even realize it has been more than a month since my last post. WHOOPSIE. So much for that “I’m going to post every week!” statement…

There’s been a lot on my mind. Thoughts of change and a new adventure was a big one. I’m also having travel withdrawals big time. This time last year I was in South Africa. The year before I was in Italy. Today I’m in East Lansing and I’m bored. I need an adventure. I also need money, which is a factor, but that will come…one day.

A few things I wanted to share:

My amazing aunt Anne Marie & her friend Samantha started a non-profit called Beaches Go Green! Do them a favor and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. They are doing such wonderful work when it comes to spreading environmental awareness and ways to help keep our planet in great condition for the next generation. Because Lord knows, Mother Earth needs us!


I am truly inspired by the work they are doing and love getting new tips daily on how I can do my part to keep our planet beautiful. Stay tuned for a post about how to do your part to use less plastic, be more green and recycle smarter!

Second, I’ve recently re-watched New Girl from the start, mostly because I couldn’t come to terms that it was over. If you have not watched this show, do yourself a favor and do it. And if you need someone to watch it with, I’m your girl! Image result for new girl

The need for adventure as now been temporarily filled thanks to my amazing family. I’m taking a trip to the Bahamas in about a week & a half with the same Aunt & Uncle as mentioned before. This all went down yesterday. And holy shit am I PUMPED. You will be spammed with pictures. And you will love it.

Travel Quote - Fill Your Life With Adventures, Not Things. Have stories To Tell Not Stuff To Show. Click on image for more travel and inspirational quotes.

Side note that will hopefully make you laugh…Aunt Erika was watching a close friend’s (who is basically family) little guy Robby tonight. He is two and pretty awesome. We went for a walk to their neighborhood park while his mom & dad packed for their upcoming move. The kid has a hell of an imagination, so as he’s climbing on the jungle gym contraption thing, he keeps mentioning the beans. Not having a clue where he was going with it, I went along. “Sure, buddy-go get the beans!”

Well, as we continue playing around on slides and in puddles, he mentions wanting to go get more pizza. I’m thinking, great, he’s going to cook me up some fake pizza in the “kitchen” on the playground. Totally fine, right? Wrong. As he goes back to get more pizza, he then shows up with a real piece of pizza. Like a Hot ‘n’ Ready slice. Note there is NO ONE around. My gut reaction, “holy shit, buddy spit that out! What the hell!” He continues to take another bite and while grinning from ear to ear just yells “PIZZA!” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can go for a good slice of Little Caesars every now and then, but it was raining earlier, we were at the neighborhood playground and it was 2/3 gone. The kid ate PLAYGROUND PIZZA on my watch and now I have to walk him home apologizing to his parents for the almost certain vomit episode that may happen in 12-24 hours. Thankfully, we laughed about it as Robby rolls up the driveway telling his mom “I’m gonna get sick!” Oh, the life of a two-year-old. Those were the days.

Yes, I’m well aware this post is all over the place. I couldn’t stick to one topic obviously, but if that bothered you, you should have stopped following this a long time ago. If you’re still with me, bless you. You’re a hero.

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