It’s an Illusion…


So it has clearly been a while…and I have a good reason for that. It’s called a life adjustment. So before you start with “Erika, you totally said you were going to try to write every week even with the move!” Yeah, I lied. I’ll admit it. But you love Life Nuggs so you’ll forgive me. Great, thanks.

So it’s been about two months since I’ve made the move. I’m in my apartment, but there are indeed plenty of boxes still. I mean I just got a couch last weekend. (Little wins.)  But my place is getting there and finally starting to feel like home. It definitely feels like I’ve been down here for longer…but I think that may be a good thing.

(Although, a slight adjustment to the previous paragraph…a neighbor, who I won’t say how I met(wink), just shared that an apartment building in my complex caught on fire today. And it’s the second one to do so since he moved in. Soooo I may not be staying here for much longer. So much for that…)

My days, in case you’re curious, have consisted of traffic, work, spreadsheets, traffic, laundry, numerous tv series, bed. So needless to say, it’s been a bit boring. But I’m getting to the point where it’s time to get out there. Tonight at an event with my aunt and her friends, we celebrated breast cancer survivors and those going through it right now. The event was called Tacos for TaTas and it really proved how amazing the community here both the Beaches & Jax, is. We talked about my reasons for moving down here and it all came back to getting myself out of my comfort zone. And Sam dropped the line that totally stuck with me…(thank you for this gem, Sam!)


So with that, I’m hopping out of mine again. So stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll have some stories. And you should do the same. It’s good for you. It’s personal growth. And who knows what you may find? Plus, what the hell do you have to lose? The answer is NOTHING.




Pictures via Pinterest.

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